• Mac's Best Friends - Unique items your best friend and companion deserves. Dog Supplies - toys, joint supplements, mobility harness, leashes, ramps, doggy diapers gifts and much more...
  • Rivers Edge Kennels
    Mickey's good friends Jane and Greg Myers own and Opererate a boarding kennel in the Tampa Area
  • Classical Bearded Collies
    Mickey's Breeders in Canada where he was born and where his daddy Denzel lives
  • Pookies Bow Wow Bakery
    This where Mickey shops for his food and toys
  • International All Breeds Canine Association
    Mickey enjoys showing to the IABCA judges. He has received a Champion designation from this organization as well as the AKC, BKC, and UKC,
  • United Kennel Club
    Mickey also enjoys showing to the UKC judges. I finds it very relaxing and good way to spend the day with Janet and Charles doing something he loves.
  • MB-F, Inc.,
    The premier producers and managers of dog shows in the United States where Mickey enters most of his shows,
  • Onofrio Dog Shows
    Another producer and manager of dog shows in the United States where Mickey enters some of his shows.
  • Delta Society
    Mickey is currently being certified and registered to become a therapy dog. The delta society is a non-profit organization that promotes animals helping people improve their health, independence, and quality of life.
  • American Kennel Club
    Mickey maintains his registry info with the AKC. He also gets his important dog news from them.
  • Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida
    This is Mickey's home club. He loves beardie fun day, beardie bounces and just hanging out with his BCCF friends at shows. Check out his favorite club here.
  • Bearded Collie Club of America
    Mickey's parent breed club. You can get all the info. on beardies you need in the US
  • Bearded Collie Cub of Canada
    As a native Canadian Mickey recommends this site for info on Beardies in Canada.
  • The Bearded Collie Club (UK)
    Mickey's daddy Denzel is a native of the UK and Mickey likes to keep up on events in the UK
  • Bahamas Kennel Club
    Mickey had a wonderful time in the Bahamas and even went best in show. Check it out for a great vacation
  • Westminster Kennel Club
    This link will take you the WKC page on beardie info. You can click on the home button to visit the WKC. Mickey is working had to be in the Westminster Kennel Club show.
  • Canadian Kennel Club
    This is the registry with Mickey's birth records. Also an excellent source for info on Canadian Dog
  • The Canine Chronicle
    Mickey's favorite all breed canine magazine. Also a good source of AKC statisics.
  • Bull Fish Park Avenue
    Mickey's favorite place to shop for gifts for his human and canine friends.

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