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Hi, I am Mickey The King of Magic and I am a Bearded Collie

I live in Central Florida with another Bearded Collie, Maggie Mae and our two humans Janet Atkins and Charles Namey. I was born in November 17, 2006 at the World of Classical in Canada, bred by Bea Sawka, Rosie Schroder and Julie Kempster. My father is Can. AM. CH. Pattishawl Causin Applause ‘Denzel’ and my mother is Can. AM. CH. Classical Wonder Woman ‘Danielle’. My passions in life are conformation showing, loving children, therapy work and dedication to my family.

Description of the Bearded Collie

I am a medium-sized dog measuring 21 inches at the withers. The Beardie breed standard says we should be longer than we are tall measuring 21 to 22 inches high, females are slightly less at 20 to 21 inches. Weight varies with size and sex, but adults average between 45 and 55 pounds, I weigh 48 pounds.


My endearing expression, boundless energy and steady, self-confident nature, combine to make me a lovable and loyal friend. I make an excellent family member. As a Beardie, I am a very devoted to my family and must not be kept as a kennel dog, confined to a basement or tied up in a backyard. Bred to herd, I am a lean, strongly-built dog and I require a lot daily outdoor exercise. My coat requires grooming 2-3 times a week. Our typical beard starts under the chin and becomes increasingly longer towards the chest. Bearded Collies can be born either black (like me and my mon), brown (like my daddy), blue or fawn, with or without white markings (everyone in my family has very nice white markings).


Beardies have a great deal to offer; we will give you our all, and we only ask that you love and care for us in return.

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